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3.6.1. Downloading new PLD configurations into the image flash

The ARM core uses data in flash to configure the PLD during power-up (if the CONFIG link is not fitted).

The progcards utility is used to program the flash.


Progcards version 2.40 or later is required for use with the CM922T-XA10.

To load a new configuration into the PLD:

  1. Produce a <filename>.hex file.

  2. Produce a <filename>.brd for your design. This is a configuration file for progcards.exe.

  3. Configure the Multi-ICE server using an auto config.

  4. Put the system in flash program mode by fitting the CONFIG link or setting S1[4] to ON.


    If you set the CONFIG link, you must reconfigure Multi-ICE before continuing.

  5. Run the progcards utility. All .brd files present in the current directory that match the TAP configuration are offered as options.

  6. Remove the CONFIG link or set S1[4] to OFF.

  7. Power the system OFF.

  8. Set switch S1[3:1] to select the appropriate block (see PLD image selection).

  9. Power the system ON again.

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