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1.1. About the Interface Module

The Integrator/IM-LT1 Interface Module is an Interface Module that allows you to connect Integrator tiles to an Integrator/AP or Integrator/CP motherboard. This provides you with a development platform for ARM Integrator tiles (for example, the ARM Integrator/XC2V4000+ Logic Tile). Typical uses for the Interface Module and tile include:

  • peripheral development for use with an ARM core

  • prototyping a SOC (in one or more Logic Tiles) and developing code for it

  • developing code for an ARM core synthesized in a Logic Tile FPGA.

Figure 1.1 shows the IM-LT1 Interface Module and its components.

Figure 1.1. Integrator/IM-LT1 Interface Module layout

Figure 1.1. Integrator/IM-LT1 Interface Module