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1.1. About the PB926EJ-S

The PB926EJ-S provides a development system that you can use to develop products around the ARM926EJ-S PXP Development Chip.

You can use the PB926EJ-S as a basic development system with a power supply and a connection to a JTAG interface unit.

You can expand the PB926EJ-S by adding:

  • ARM RealView Logic Tiles containing custom IP

  • a PCI expansion enclosure

  • Dynamic memory expansion board

  • Static memory expansion board

  • VGA monitor or CLCD adaptor and CLCD display

  • MMC, SD, or SIM cards

  • custom devices to the 32-bit GPIO

  • USB devices to the three USB ports

  • serial devices to the synchronous serial port and the four UARTs

  • keyboard and mouse

  • audio devices to the onboard CODEC

  • an Ethernet network to the onboard Ethernet controller.

The basic system provides a good platform for developing code for the ARM7 and ARM9 series of processors. The ARM926EJ-S PXP Development Chip is much faster than a software simulator or a core implemented in RealView Logic Tiles. Code developed for the ARM926EJ-S PXP Development Chip will also run on the ARM10 and ARM11 processor series.

The expanded system with RealView Logic Tiles can be used to develop AMBA-compatible peripherals and to test ASIC designs. The fast processor core and the peripherals present in the ARM926EJ-S PXP Development Chip, PB926EJ-S FPGA, and RealView Logic Tile FPGA enable you to develop and text complex systems operating at, or near, their target operating frequency.

Figure 1.1 shows the layout of the PB926EJ-S.

Figure 1.1. PB926EJ-S layout

Figure 1.1. PB926EJ-S layout

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