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3.3.6. Standby power, battery pack, and automatic shutdown

The Versatile/AB926EJ-S is powered from the brick power supply and a nominal 12V level (DCIN) is supplied to the 5V and 3V regulators. If DCIN, drops too low, shutdown signals nPOWERFAIL and nSHDN1 become active and power is switched off. The shutdown circuitry is shown in Figure 3.14. The power supply can be toggled on and off by pressing the Power/Standby pushbutton.

Figure 3.14. Standby switch and power-supply control

Standby switch and power-supply control

The battery pack connector (J27) enables connection to a custom battery pack for portable application development. Two GPIO pins (GPIO2[6:5) enable monitoring battery status from application software. This interface protocol for the monitor interface is not predefined, but typically will use a serial bus.