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3.4.3. Variables

Variables are displayed in the following windows:

Local Variables window

This window shows all local variables and parameters that are valid for the current PC value. The type and value of the variables are displayed as shown in Figure 3.31:

  • a blue L before the variable name indicates a local variable

  • a green leading P indicates a parameter.

Local Variable view

Global Variables window

This window shows the global variables with their types and values. They are marked by a green G as shown in Figure 3.32.

Global Variable view

Complex values such as structs and arrays or pointers can be expanded by clicking the small cross before the variable name.


To use the variables windows, the loaded application must be an ELF file that contains .debug_info and .debug_abbrev sections. No other type of debug information is supported for this view. The .debug_info section must contain valid DWARF debug information that matches the DWARF 2 or DWARF 3 specification. The model must provide a PC register to enable locating local variables.

For applications that have more than one compilation unit, the units are only loaded when the PC reaches the respective context.

The loading of these compilation units can be triggered manually by selecting Load Debug Info for Module from the Debug menu. Right-click on one of the variables windows and select Load Debug Info for Module.

The displayed dialog lists all of the compilation units that can be loaded.

Context menu for Variable view

Right-click one of the items in the Global or Local Variable view to display the context menu. The menu has the following options:


Copy the contents of the selected variable.

Add to Watch

Add the selected variable to the Watch view.

Insert Breakpoint

Insert a breakpoint on the selected variable.

Enable Breakpoint

Enable the breakpoint at the selected variable.

Breakpoint Properties

If a breakpoint is present on the selected variable, selecting this option displays the Breakpoint properties dialog.

Edit Value

Edit the contents of the selected variable.

Show memory

Display a dialog to select a memory space and update the Memory view to display the memory contents at the address specified by the value of the variable.

Show Previous Value

Display the current value and the previous value for the selected variable.

Select All

Select all of the variables in the variable view.

Load Debug Info for Module

Load debug information for the module that contains the selected variable.

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