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3.8. Model Debugger sessions

Model Debugger session files enable saving and restoring debugging sessions and provide a convenient way to specify the session parameters. Session files have the extension *.mvs.


The sessions files are only available for directly loaded models. They cannot be used for connections to Model Shell or SystemC simulations.

The information that can be saved and restored includes:

  • debugger main window geometry

  • layout of all debug views

  • target model being loaded

  • application file

  • breakpoints.

Session files also enable configuring the individual layout of debugger windows for multi-core systems. This might be useful, for example, if the project is used with SoC Designer.

To save a session, select Save Session, or Save Session As, from the File menu.

To load a session and restore the original model connection and window layout, select Load Session from the File menu.

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