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A.1. Keyboard shortcuts

Table A.1 lists the keyboard shortcuts.

Table A.1. Keyboard shortcuts
 ESCClose the current dialog.
 F3Find next.
ShiftF3Find previous.
 F5Run target.
ShiftF5Stop target.
 F10Source-level step over.
CtrlF10Source-level step out. This leaves the current function.
 F11Source-level step into.
ShiftF11Instruction-level step.
ShiftF10Instruction-level step over.
Ctrl + ShiftF11Instruction-level step out.
CtrlF11Cycle step.
Ctrl + ShiftF11Cycle step N.
CtrlBOpen the breakpoint manager.
Ctrl + ShiftCConnect to model.
Ctrl + ShiftDLoad debug information from application code.
CtrlFSearch (find) operation.
Ctrl + ShiftLLoad model library.
Ctrl + ShiftMGo to function main().

Multi-functional open.

If no target is loaded, a dialog is displayed to select the model library and application code.

If a target is loaded, the source file is opened.

Ctrl + ShiftOLoad application code.
CtrlPOpen the Model Parameter dialog.
Ctrl + ShiftPPause/continue source step.
CtrlQClose Model Debugger.
Ctrl RRestart simulation.
Ctrl + ShiftRReset target.
CtrlSSave the current session.
CtrlTSelect target.
CtrlUUser preferences dialog.
CtrlWClose model.

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