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A.11. DVI display interface

The DVI combined connector (J16) is positioned on the rear panel of the enclosure, see Figure 3.3. The connector signals are listed in Table A.9. The digital CLCD data from the Northbridge is passed to a T.M.D.S. transmitter to provide the DVI digital data and to a triple video DAC to provide the analogue RGB signals. The DDC2B interface is provided by a custom Two-wire Interface (SBCon) implemented in the Southbridge.


The mechanical interconnect includes 29 signal contacts, that are divided into two sections. The first section is organized as three rows of eight contacts. The second section contains five signals that are designed specifically for analog video signals. Hoizontal Sync, Vertical Sync, R, G, and B are all required for analog implementations.

A fused (1A anti-surge) +5V supply (pin 14) is provided by the PB11MPCore.

The combined DVI connector is shown in Figure A.13.

Figure A.13. DVI connector

Figure A.13. DVI connector

The DVI connector signals are listed in Table A.9.

Table A.9. DVI connector signals
1T.M.D.S. Data2-9T.M.D.S. Data1-17T.M.D.S. Data0-
2T.M.D.S. Data2+10T.M.D.S. Data1+18T.M.D.S. Data0+
3T.M.D.S. Data2/4 Shield11T.M.D.S. Data1/3 Shield19T.M.D.S. Data0/5 Shield
4T.M.D.S. Data4-12T.M.D.S. Data3-20T.M.D.S. Data5-
5T.M.D.S. Data4+13T.M.D.S. Data3+21T.M.D.S. Data5+
6DDC Clock14+5V Power22T.M.D.S. Clock Shield
7DDC Data15Ground (for +5V)23T.M.D.S. Clock+
8Analog Vertical sync16Hot Plug Detect24T.M.D.S. Clock-
C1Analog RedC2Analog GreenC3Analog Blue
C4Analog Horizontal SyncC5Analog Ground (analog R, G, and B return)  


The PB11MPCore implements a single link, T.M.D.S. Data 3, 4, and 5 connections are not used.

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