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A.3. MMC and SD card interface

The MMC/SD card socket shown in Figure A.3 is positioned on the front panel of the enclosure, see Figure 3.2.

The MMC or SD card must be inserted into the front panel socket with the contacts facing down.

Figure A.3 shows the pin numbering and signal assignment. In addition, the socket contains switches that are operated by card insertion that provide signaling on the CARDINx and MCI_WPROT signals.

Figure A.3. MMC/SD card socket pin numbering

Figure A.3. MMC/SD card socket pin numbering

The MMC card uses seven pins, and the SD card uses all nine pins. The additional pins are located as shown in Figure A.3 with pin 9 next to pin 1 and pins 7 and 8 spaced more closely together than the other pins. Figure A.4 shows an MMC card, with the contacts face up.

Figure A.4. MMC card

Figure A.4. MMC card

Table A.2 lists the signal assignments.

Table A.2. Multimedia Card interface signals
Pin SignalFunction SD widebus modeFunction MCI
1MCIxDATA3Data Chip select
2MCIxCMDCommand/responseData in
4MCIVDDxSupply voltageSupply voltage
7MCIxDATA0Data 0Data out
10 (DET A)CARDINxCard insertion detectCard insertion detect
11 (DET B)WPROTxWrite protect status Write protect status

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