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A.4. Keyboard and mouse interface

The pinout of the KMI connectors J30A and J30B is shown in Figure A.5.

Figure A.5. KMI connector

Figure A.5. KMI connector

Table A.3 shows signals on the KMI connectors.

Table A.3. Mouse and keyboard port signal descriptions
PinKeyboard (KMI0, J30B)Mouse (KMI1, J30A)
Signal FunctionSignalFunction
1KDATA_FILTKeyboard data (filtered)MDATA_FILTMouse Data (filtered)
2NCNot connectedNCNot connected
3GNDKBD_FILTGround (filtered)GNDMSE_FILTGround (filtered)
45VF25V (filtered)5VF15V (filtered)
5KCLK_FILTKeyboard clock (filtered)MCLK_FILTMouse clock (filtered)
6NCNot connectedNCNot connected

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