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A.8. Smart Card interface

The PB11MPCore provides a SIM socket on the front panel of the enclosure. See Figure 3.2 for the location of the SIM socket.

The SIM card must be inserted into the SIM socket with the contacts facing down and the chamfered edge facing out.

Figure A.9 shows the signal assignment of a smartcard. Pins 7 and 8 are not connected and are omitted on some cards.

Figure A.9. Smartcard contacts assignment

Figure A.9. Smartcard contacts assignment

The signals associated with the SCI are shown in Table A.6.

Table A.6. Smartcard connector signal assignment
PinSignal Description
1SC_VCCCard power (1.8V, 3.3V, or 5V)
2SC_RSTReset to card
3SC_CLKClock to or from card
5SC_VCCProgramming voltage
6SC_IOSerial data to or from the card
7Reserved for future use
8Reserved for future use

Figure A.10 shows the pinout of the SCI Expansion connector. The connector (J3) is located on the front panel PCB (HBI 0176) directly behind the USER LEDs. This can be used to connect to an external smart card device.

Figure A.10. SCI expansion

Figure A.10. SCI expansion

Table A.7 lists the signals on the SCI expansion connector.

Table A.7. Signals on SCI expansion connector
PinSignal Description
2NCNot connected
4nSCIDETECTCard detect for SIM
5SC_VCCSIM power
6nSC_RSTActive LOW reset to SIM
7SC_CLKSIM clock
8NCNot connected

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