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1.1. About the PB11MPCore

The Platform Baseboard for ARM11 MPCore (PB11MPCore) is a highly integrated software and hardware development system based on the ARM SMP architecture. It is supplied self-powered, in an ATX profile enclosure.

Used standalone the PB11MPCore serves as a fast multiprocessor software development platform with four ARM11 MPCore processors and a memory system running at near ASIC speed.

Used with FPGA-based RealView Logic Tiles, stacked on the baseboard, it enables custom AMBA 3 peripherals, processors, and DSPs to be added to the existing ARM development system.

The PB11MPCore is intended for development of both embedded and operating system based software for ARM processors. The ability to add Logic Tiles enables new hardware to be prototyped and validated, and drivers to be debugged.

The PB11MPCore includes:

  • an ARM11 MPCore test chip

  • a structured ASIC (Northbridge)

  • an FPGA (Southbridge)

  • static and dynamic memory

  • integrated peripherals

  • tile site to enable connection of RealView Logic Tiles

  • connectors for external peripherals and JTAG configuration and debug.

Figure 1.1 shows the top level system architecture of the baseboard.

Figure 1.1. PB11MPCore system architecture

Figure 1.1. PB11MPCore system architecture

The following sections introduce the major system components:

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