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1.1.4. PB11MPcore expansion

You can expand the PB11MPCore by adding:

  • one or more stacked Logic Tiles containing your custom IP

  • one or more PCI or PCI Express® cards

  • one or more stacked PISMO static memory expansion boards

  • Compact Flash card

  • VGA monitor or color LCD display (DVI connection)

  • MMC, SD, or SIM cards

  • USB devices to the three USB ports (1 OTG and 2 standard host ports)

  • serial devices to the synchronous serial port (SSP) and the four UARTs

  • a keyboard and mouse

  • audio devices to the onboard CODEC (AAC)

  • a 10/100Mbps Ethernet network to the onboard Ethernet controller

  • custom I/O to the 16-bit GPIO header.

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