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C.1. About memory expansion

Only static memory expansion is supported by the PB11MPCore. You can stack static memory expansion boards on the PB11MPCore using the PISMO™ connector provided. There are five chip select signals available on the PISMO connector, each of these can select 64MB of SRAM. The distribution of the chip select signals is determined by the expansion memory boards themselves.

The block diagram for a typical static memory board is shown in Figure C.1.

Figure C.1. Static memory board block diagram

Figure C.1. Static memory board block diagram


Figure C.1 is only a typical example of a PISMO static memory expansion board, different expansion boards may have different features.

See the documentation provided with your memory board for details on specific signals and link options.

The PB11MPCore supports static memory modules compliant to the Platform Independent Storage MOdule (PISMO) specification Version 1.0. General information and specifications are available from the PISMO website:

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