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G.3. The progcards utilities

The progcards utilities are the primary method for programming FPGAs, configuration flash memory, and non-volatile PLDs. These utilities are used during board manufacture and to carry out field upgrades.

progcards reads a description of the board JTAG scan chain and a list of operations from a board description (*.brd) file. The file describes which bitstream and configuration files (*.bit, *.svf) must be downloaded to devices on the board.

The upgrade package for a board contains the new files and all previously released versions. This enables you to return to the original configuration.

Name = Emulation Board HPI-0140 B build 7 MPCore build working interrupts
Priority = 1
Board = Emulation_Board
TAPs = 3
TAP0 = XC2V6000
TAP1 = XC2C128
TAP2 = XC2C128
SequenceLength = 4
Step1File = an151_eb_140b_cfg_xc2c128_build1.svf
Step1Method = PLD
Step1Tap = 1
Step2Method = Virtex2
Step2Tap = 0
Step2File = an151_eb_140b_xc2v6000_via_build1.bit
Step3Method  = IntelFlash
Step3Tap     = 0
Step3Address = 400000
Step3File    = an151_eb_140b_ctmpcore_li_build7.bit
Step4File = an151_eb_140b_mux_xc2c128_build1.svf
Step4Method = PLD
Step4Tap = 2

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