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3.1.1. Enclosure front panel

Figure 3.2 shows the front panel of the ATX enclosure that provides:

  • power on-off button and indicator

  • USB Config port connector (USB CFG)

  • Config switch and indicator (FPGA and PLD configuration)

  • Soft Reset switch

  • Hard Reset switch

  • Compact Flash interface connector

  • USB OTG interface connector

  • MMC and SD memory card interface connector

  • User switches 1 to 8

  • User LEDs 1 to 8

  • SIM Card interface

  • 5¼ bay (for customer hardware expansion).

Figure 3.2. Front panel layout

Figure 3.2. Front panel layout

Bypassing the power switch

The power button on the front panel is typically used to power on the system.

If a link is placed across J41 (FORCE ON), the power is forced on and the Power push button has no effect.

A jumper must not be placed across connector J40 (POWER). You can, however, use this connector to attach an external push button if the Power push button is not accessible or the board is mounted in the enclosure.

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