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D.2. Header connectors

This section gives a brief overview of the RealView Logic Tile header connectors and the associated signal groups. For detailed information on a specific tile site interface, see the documentation for the RealView Logic Tile you are using.

There are three headers on the top and bottom of the tile. The HDRX and HDRY headers are 180-way and the HDRZ connectors are 300-way.


There is a limit to the number of RealView Logic Tiles which can be stacked on a RealView baseboard. Please contact ARM support for the current recommended limits for the PB-A8.

When stacking tiles ensure that the power source can maintain the required voltage at the top tile when supplying maximum current to the system.

The FPGA signals on a RealView Logic Tile are fully programmable. Ensure that there are no clashes between the signals on the tiles or with the signals from the PB-A8.

The FPGA can be damaged if several pins configured as outputs are connected together and attempt to output different logic levels.

Figure D.2 shows the pin numbers and power-blade usage of the HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ headers on the upper side of the tile. See RealView Logic Tile header connectors for details of the signals on the PB-A8 header connectors.

Figure D.2. HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ (upper) pin numbering

Figure D.2. HDRX, HDRY, and HDRZ (upper) pin

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