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E.3.10. Running an image from MMC or SD card or CompactFlash

To run an image from the MMC or SD card or CompactFlash:

  1. Build and link the application as described in Loading and running an application from NOR flash.


    Images with multiple load regions are not supported.

    The image must have an execution region in RAM or DRAM.

    The execution address must not be in the top 4MBytes of DRAM because this area is used by the Boot Monitor.

  2. The image can be programmed into MMC or SD card or CompactFlash using the Boot Monitor.

    Connect a debugger and use semihosting to load the file:

    For MMC or SD card:

    M:\>COPY C:\software\elf_file_name file_name

    For CompactFlash:

    K:\>COPY C:\software\elf_file_name file_name
  3. To run the image manually, from the debugger, or terminal connected to UART0 type:

    For MMC or SD card:

    M:\>RUN file_name

    For CompactFlash:

    K:\>RUN file_name
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