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E.3.3. Loading Boot Monitor into NOR flash

If the flash becomes corrupt and the board no longer runs the Boot Monitor, the Boot Monitor must be reprogrammed into flash.

Because the debugger does not initialize DRAM, the Boot Monitor image cannot be loaded and run directly. Use the *.brd files and the progcards utility to setup the board:

  1. Power off the board.

  2. Set all User Switches to OFF.

  3. Connect a cable from the JTAG device (RealView ICE for example) to the JTAG connector on the rear panel.

  4. Power on the board.

  5. Connect to the target:

    • For RVD, select Tools  → Include Commands From File


      where platform is the name of the target system.

  6. DRAM is now initialized and the memory is remapped. To load Boot Monitor into flash:

    1. From the debugger, load and execute the file Boot_Monitor.axf

    2. at the Boot Monitor prompt enter:

      Flash> WRITE IMAGE path\Boot_Monitor_platform.axf

      where path is the path to the version of the Boot Monitor that is being loaded and platform is the name of the target system.

  7. Loading the image into flash takes a few minutes to complete. Wait until the prompt is displayed again before proceeding.

  8. Turn the board off and then on.

Boot Monitor starts automatically.

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