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G.4.3. Troubleshooting

If the upgrade process fails at any time, or the progcards utility reports an error, then check the following:

  1. The Config switch is ON and the Config indicator on the front panel is lite.

  2. If you are using progcards_rvi.exe, see the documentation supplied with progcards_rvi.

  3. If you are using progcards_usb.exe ensure that:

    1. the USB cable is plugged into the USB Config port on the front panel of the ATX enclosure and not one of the USB user ports on the rear panel

    2. the USB Config drivers are installed on your machine.

  4. Ensure that any Logic Tiles are correctly stacked on the baseboard. If necessary, push them firmly to ensure a proper connection.

  5. Look for any readme.txt files that might be present in the directory that contains the board description (*.brd) files. Follow the instructions provided for new or updated software or engineering changes.