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4.5. Advanced Audio CODEC Interface, AACI

The PL041 PrimeCell Advanced Audio CODEC Interface (AACI) is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is developed, tested, and licensed by ARM Limited.

Table 4.34. AACI implementation
Location Southbridge (the CODEC is an external component, LM4549)
Memory base address0x10004000
Interrupt 51
  • AACI TX: channel 4

  • AACI RX: channel 5


You must set DMAPSR = b00 in the SYS_DMAPSR register to select this peripheral for DMA access.

Release versionARM AACI PL041 r1p0 (modified to one channel and 256 FIFO depth in compact mode and 512 FIFO depth in non-compact mode)
Platform Library supportNo support provided.
Reference documentationARM PrimeCell Advanced Audio CODEC Interface (PL041) Technical Reference Manual DDI 0173 and National Semiconductor LM4549 Data Sheet. See also Table 4.35.

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