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4.14. AXI to PCI bridge

The AXI to PCI bridge is implemented in the Northbridge.

Table 4.76. AXI to PCI bridge implementation
Location Northbridge
Memory base address


0x60000000 (reserved for PCI expansion)

  • P_nINT[0]: 82

  • P_nINT[1]: 83

  • P_nINT[2]: 84

  • P_nINT[3]: 85

  • P_nINT[4]: 86

  • P_nINT[5]: 87

  • P_nINT[6]: 88

  • P_nINT[7]: 89

DMANone. Memory to memory transfers can be set up in the DMAC.
Release versionNEC (AXI2PCI)
Reference documentation

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