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4.6. Color LCD Controller, CLCDC

The PL111 PrimeCell Color LCD Controller (CLCDC) is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is developed, tested, and licensed by ARM Limited.

Table 4.36. CLCDC implementation
Location Northbridge
Memory base address



There is also a LCD system control register at 0x10000050. See CLCD Control Register, SYS_CLCD.



Release versionARM CLCDC PL111 (version r0p0)
Reference documentationARM PrimeCell Color LCD Controller (PL111) Technical Reference Manual DDI 0293.

The following locations are reserved, and must not be used during normal operation:

  • locations at offsets 0x030 to 0x1FE are reserved for possible future extensions

  • locations at offsets 0x400 to 0x7FF are reserved for test purposes.


Different display resolutions require different data and synchronization timing. OSCCLK4 (25MHz default) is assigned as CLCDCLK for the LCD controller. Default display resolution is 1024x768 at 60Hz frame rate. See PrimeCell Color LCD Controller (PL111) Technical Reference Manual (DDI 0293) for details of the LCD timing registers.

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