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4.9. Ethernet

The Ethernet interface is implemented in an external SMCS LAN9118 10/100 Ethernet single-chip MAC and PHY. The internal registers of the LAN9118 are memory-mapped onto the static memory bus and occupy locations starting at base address 0x4E000000.

Table 4.40. Ethernet implementation
Location Board (LAN9118 chip)
Memory base address0x4E000000 (mapped onto the SMC bus)
Interrupt 60
DMANone, use memory to memory DMA to access the FIFO buffers in the LAN9118 Host Bus Interface.
Release versionCustom interface to external controller.
Reference documentationLAN9118 Data Sheet. Ethernet interface.

Refer to the LAN9118 application note or to the self test program supplied on the CD for additional information.

When manufactured, an ARM value for the Ethernet MAC address and the register base address are loaded into the EEPROM. The register base address is 0. The MAC address is unique, but can be reprogrammed if required.

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