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4.3.8. Reset Control Register, SYS_RESETCTL

The SYS_RESETCTL register at 0x10000040 allows a software reset to be applied to selected system components.

Figure 4.8 shows the register bit assignment.

Figure 4.8. SYS_RESETCTL register

Figure 4.8. SYS_RESETCTL register

The function of the register bits are shown in Table 4.11.

Table 4.11. SYS_RESETCTL register bit assignments




[31:5]Write ignored, read as zero0x0000000Undefined
[4]Write only LockableAPPLYCFGWORDb0Updates OSCCLK registers and applies a PORESET.
[3]Write only LockableSWRESETb0Software equivalent of the PBRESET button.
[2]Write only LockableRESETLEVELb0Resets the PB-A8 to the level requested by RESETCTRL.
[1:0]Read/Write LockableRESETCTRLb00Sets the depth of a software reset b00 = PORESET b01 = CLKWAIT b10 = SYSRST b11 = A8_PORESET Set RESETLEVEL to 1 to apply.


Before you can write to the SYS_RESETCTRL register, you must unlock it by writing the value 0x0000A05F to the SYS_LOCK register at 0x10000020. After writing to the SYS_RESETCTRL register, you should relock it by writing any value other than 0x0000A05F to the SYS_LOCK register.

See Figure 3.16 for details of the reset entry points.

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