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4.20. Timers

The SP804 Dual-Timer module is an AMBA compliant SoC peripheral that is developed and tested by ARM Limited.

The module is an AMBA slave module and connects to the Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB). The Dual-Timer module consists of two programmable 32/16-bit down counters that can generate interrupts on reaching zero.

Table 4.88. Timer implementation
Location Southbridge
Memory base address
  • Timer 0-1: 0x10011000

  • Timer 2-3: 0x10012000

  • Timer 4-5: 0x10018000

  • Timer 6-7: 0x10019000

  • Timer 0-1: 36

  • Timer 2-3: 37

  • Timer 4-5: 73

  • Timer 6-7: 74

Release versionARM Dual-Timer SP804 r1p2
Platform Library support

Enables a timer with a given period and mode


Disables the defined timer


Clears the timer interrupt

Reference documentationARM Timer Module (SP804) Technical Reference Manual ARM DDI 0271

At reset, the timers are clocked by a 32.768kHz reference from an external oscillator module. Use the System Controller to change the timer reference from 32.768kHz to 1MHz.

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