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Chapter 5. Simulating Example SOPC System

This chapter describes how to simulate the example SOPC system using the Altera version of ModelSim. SOPC Builder generates an HDL version of the design that can be simulated using the Altera Megafunction library and Cyclone III library elements. It also creates a testbench that you can use to stimulate the example SOPC system.


Simulation in this chapter refers to simulating the Verilog model of the complete Example SOPC System, as opposed to running the MDK simulator described in RealView MDK tools setup, which is purely an Instruction Set Simulator. Skip this chapter if you are using an evaluation version of the ARM Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit. Simulation is not supported in the evaluation version, and the simulation project is not supplied.

This tutorial uses the SOPC Builder output and describes how to expand the testbench to generate a complete test environment using software compiled with the RealView MDK tools.

This chapter contains the following sections:

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