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Enabling internal logging from the debugger

On rare occasions an internal error might occur causing the debugger to generate an error message suggesting that you report it to your local support representatives. You can help to improve the debugger by giving feedback with an internal log that captures the stacktrace and shows where in the debugger the error occurs. To obtain the current version of DS-5, you can select About ARM DS-5 from the Help menu in Eclipse or open the product release notes.


To enable internal logging within Eclipse, enter the following in the Commands view of the DS-5 Debug perspective:

  1. To enable the output of logging messages from the debugger using the predefined DEBUG level configuration:

    log config debug
  2. To redirect all logging messages from the debugger to a file:

    log file debug.log


Enabling internal logging can produce very large files and slow down the debugger significantly. Only enable internal logging when there is a problem.

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