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About the debugger

ARM® DS-5™ Debugger provides a powerful tool for debugging applications on both hardware targets and models using ARM architecture-based processors. You can have complete control over the flow of the execution so that you can quickly isolate and correct errors.

The following features are provided:

  • loading images and symbols

  • running images

  • breakpoints and watchpoints

  • source and instruction level stepping

  • accessing variables, and register values

  • navigating the call stack

  • support for handling exceptions and Linux signals

  • debugging multi-threaded Linux applications

  • debugging Linux kernel modules, boot code and kernel porting

  • debugging bare-metal Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) systems.

The debugger supports a comprehensive set of DS-5 Debugger commands that can be executed in the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), script files, or a command-line console. In addition there is a small subset of CMM-style commands sufficient for running target initialization scripts. CMM is a scripting language supported by some third-party debuggers. To execute CMM-style commands you must create a debugger script file containing the CMM-style commands and then use the DS-5 Debugger source command to run the script.

To help you get started, there are some tutorials that you can follow showing you how to run and debug applications using DS-5 tools.