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DS-5 Debug perspective keyboard shortcuts

When using the DS-5 Debug perspective, there are keyboard shortcuts that you can use.

In any view or dialog box you can access the dynamic help by using the following:

  • On Windows, F1 key

  • On Linux for example, Shift+F1 key combination.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available only when you connect to a target:

Commands view

You can use:


Access the content assist for autocompletion of commands.


Execute the command that is entered in the adjacent field.

DOWN arrow

Navigate down through the command history.

UP arrow

Navigate up through the command history.

Debug Control view

You can use:


Step at source or instruction level including stepping into all function calls where there is debug information. You can also use ALT+F5 to step in the opposite mode. For example, if you are in source level stepping mode then using ALT+F5 performs an instruction level step.


Step at source or instruction level but stepping over all function calls.


Continue running to the next instruction after the selected stack frame finishes.


Start running the application image from the current location.

After a breakpoint is hit or the target is interrupted, continue running the application.


A Connect only connection might require setting the PC register to the start of the image before running it.


Interrupt the target and stop the current application if it is running.