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Launching the debugger from Eclipse

To launch the debugger:

  1. Launch Eclipse:

    • On Windows, select Start → All Programs → ARM DS-5 → Eclipse for DS-5.

    • On Linux:

      • If you installed the shortcut during installation, you can select Eclipse for DS-5 in the Applications menu.

      • If you did not install the shortcut during installation:

        1. Add the install_directory/bin directory to your PATH environment variable. If it is already configured then you can skip this step.

        2. Open Unix bash shell.

        3. Enter eclipse at the prompt.

  2. Select Window → Open Perspective → DS-5 Debug from the main menu.

  3. If you have not run a debug session before then you must configure a connection between the debugger and the target before you can start any debugging tasks.

  4. If you have run a debug session before then you can select a target connection in the Debug Control view and click on the Connect to Target toolbar icon.