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Creating a Jython script

Typical workflow to create and run a Jython script in the debugger.

  1. Create an empty Jython script file.

  2. Right-click the Jython script file and select Open.

  3. Add the following code to your file in the editor:

    from arm_ds.debugger_v1 import Debugger
    from arm_ds.debugger_v1 import DebugException


    With this minimal code saved in the file you have access to auto-completion list and online help. ARM recommends the use of this code to explore the Jython interface.

    Figure 52. Jython auto-completion and help

    Jython auto-completion and help

  4. Edit the file to contain the desired scripting commands.

  5. Run the script in the debugger.

You can also view an entire Jython interface to the debugger by selecting a debugger object or interface followed by the keyboard and mouse combination Ctrl+Click. This opens the source code that implements it.