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ARM Linux problems and solutions

You might encounter the following problems when debugging a Linux application.

ARM Linux permission problem

If you receive a permission denied error message when starting an application on the target then you might have to change the execute permissions on the application. :

chmod +x myImage

A breakpoint is not being hit

You must ensure that the application and shared libraries on your target are the same as those on your host. The code layout must be identical, but the application and shared libraries on your target do not require debug information.

Operating system support is not active

When Operating System (OS) support is required, the debugger activates it automatically where possible. If OS support is required but cannot be activated, the debugger produces an error. :

! Failed to load image "gator.ko"
! Unable to parse module because the operating system support is not active

OS support cannot be activated if:

  • debug information in the vmlinux file does not correctly match the data structures in the kernel running on the target

  • it is manually disabled by using the set os enabled off command.

To determine whether the kernel versions match:

  • stop the target after loading the vmlinux image

  • enter the print init_nsproxy.uts_ns->name command

  • verify that the $1 output is correct. :

    $1 = {sysname = "Linux", nodename = "AEL", release = "2.6.35-ds5", 
    version = "#1 Thu Nov 25 11:34:07 GMT 2010", machine = "armv7l", domainname = "(none)"}