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Configuring a Jython project in Eclipse

Describes how to use Eclipse to create or edit Jython scripts.

Eclipse for DS-5 provides auto-completion features and built-in documentation for Jython.


  1. Create a new project:
    1. Select File > New > Project... from the main menu.
    2. Expand the PyDev group.
    3. Select PyDev Project.
    4. Click Next.

      Figure 8-2 PyDev project wizard

      PyDev project wizard

    5. Enter a suitable name for the project.
    6. Select Jython as the project type.
    7. Select DS-5 Jython as the interpreter.
    8. Click Finish to create the project.

      Figure 8-3 PyDev project settings

      PyDev project settings

    9. If this is the first time you have created a PyDev project then a dialog box appears informing you that the Python interpreter is not configured. Jython, however, is configured so you can ignore this message. Click Don’t ask again to proceed.

      Figure 8-4 Python interpreter warning dialog box

      Python interpreter warning dialog box

  2. Alternatively you can configure an existing project for Jython:
    1. Right-click on the project in the Project Explorer view and select PyDev > Set as PyDev Project from the context menu.
    2. Click Don’t ask again if the Python not configured dialog box appears.
    3. Select Properties from the Project menu.
    4. Select PyDev - Interpreter/Grammar from the Properties dialog box.
    5. Select Jython as the project type.
    6. Select DS-5 Jython as the interpreter.
    7. Click OK to apply these settings and close the dialog box.
  3. Add a Python source file to the project. The .py file extension must be used to identify this type of script.

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