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Events view

Describes the view content.

This editor enables you to view the output generated by the System Trace Macrocell (STM) and Instruction Trace Macrocell (ITM) events.

Data is captured from your application only when it runs. However, no data appears in the view until you stop the application. You can stop the target by clicking the Interrupt icon in the Debug Control view, or by entering the stop command in the Commands view. When your application stops then any captured logging information is automatically appended to the open views.

The Configuration dialog enables you to select a trace source as well as masters and channels to display in the view.

Toolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:

Linked: context

Links this view to the selected connection in the Debug Control view. This is the default. Alternatively you can link the view to a specific connection. If the connection you want is not shown in the drop-down list you might have to select it first in the Debug Control view.

Search by Timestamp

Searches through debug information for the nearest record to a given time stamp.

Configure Masters and Channels

Enables you to select a trace source in addition to masters and channels to display in the view.

View Menu

The following View Menu options are available:

New Events View

Displays a new instance of the Events view.


Refreshes the view.

Freeze Data

Toggles the freezing of data in the current view.

Display Format

Select the display format of the events.


Displays data in the data column as hex values with widths depending on the underlying data packets. This is the default.


Displays character wrapped text data.