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New Terminal Connection dialog box

Describes the dialog box content.

The dialog box enables you to:

  • change the view title

  • select the connection type

  • set the connection settings.

Figure 10-52 Terminal Settings dialog box

Terminal Settings dialog box

View Settings

Enables you to give a name to the Terminal view.

View Title

Enter a name for the Terminal view.

Connection Type

Specifies a connection type. Either Serial or Secure SHell (SSH).


Enables you to configure the connection settings.


Specifies the port that the target is connected to.

Baud Rate

Specifies the connections baud rate.

Data Bits

Specifies the number of data bits.

Stop Bits

Specifies the number of stop bits for each character.


Specifies the parity type:

  • None. This is the default.

  • Even.

  • Odd.

  • Mark.

  • Space.

Flow Control

Specifies the flow control of the connection:

  • None. This is the default.

  • RTS/CTS.

  • Xon/Xoff.

Timeout (sec)

Specifies the connections timeout in seconds.