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About Log4j configuration files

Lists the log4j logging levels you can use to control messages.

In general, the predefined logging configurations provided by the debugger are sufficient for most debugging tasks. However, if you want finer control then you can specify your own customized logging configuration by creating a log4j configuration file. Log4j is an open source logging system for the Java platform and the debugger currently uses version 1.2.

Log4j uses a hierarchy of logging levels to control messages with each level inheriting all lower levels. The following logging levels are currently supported by the debugger:


  • INFO

  • WARN



Messages are assigned to a specific logging level and can be redirected to different output locations using one or more of the following log4j components:

Table 7-1 Log4j Components

Component Description
Logger Defines the level of logging.
Appender Defines the output destination.
Layout Defines the message format.