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About CoreSight™ Target Access Library

CoreSight on-target access library allows you to interact directly with CoreSight devices. This supports use-cases such as enabling flight-recorder trace in a production system without the need to connect an external debugger.

The library offers a flexible programming interface allowing a variety of use cases and experimentation.

It also offers some advantages compared to a register-level interface. For example, it can:

  • Manage any unlocking and locking of CoreSight devices via the lock register, OS Lock register, programming bit, power-down bit.
  • Attempt to ensure that the devices are programmed correctly and in a suitable sequence.
  • Handle variations between devices, and where necessary, work around known issues. For example, between variants of ETM/PTMs.
  • Become aware of the trace bus topology and will generally manage trace links automatically. For example enabling only funnel ports in use
  • Manage “claim bits” that coordinate internal and external use of CoreSight devices.

For details, see the CoreSight example provided with DS-5™ here: