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Updating multiple debug hardware units

To update multiple debug hardware units, use the dbghw_batchupdater command line utility.

The command line utility, dbghw_batchupdater, enables you to:

  • Install firmware on a group of DSTREAM™ or RVI™ units.

  • View the firmware versions on a group of DSTREAM or RVI units.

The input to dbghw_batchupdater is a file containing a list of DSTREAM or RVI units. Each line in the input file is a string that specifies a single DSTREAM or RVI connection.


dbghw_batchupdater -list file [-option]...


list file

Specifies the file containing a list of DSTREAM or RVI connection strings.

log file

Specifies an output file to log the status of the update.

updatefile file

Specifies a file containing the path to the firmware.


Installs the firmware on the units. To install the firmware, you must also specify the updatefile option.


Lists the firmware versions.


Displays help information. This is the default if no arguments are specified.


# Input file C:\input_file.txt
# List firmware versions.
dbghw_batchupdater -list "C:\input_file.txt" -v 
Versions queried on 2014-06-10 10:42:36
TCP:ds-sheep1: 4.18.0 Engineer build 3
TCP:DS-Rhubarb: 4.17.0 build 27