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About post-mortem debugging of trace data

You can decode previously captured trace data. You must have files available containing the captured trace, as well as any other files, such as configuration and images, that are needed to process and decode that trace data.

Once the trace data and other files are ready, you configure the headless command-line debugger to connect to the post-mortem debug configuration from the configuration database.

You can then inspect the state of the data at the time of the trace capture.


  • The memory and registers are read-only.
  • You can add more debug information using additional files.
  • You can also decode trace and dump the output to files.

The basic steps for post-mortem debugging using the headless command-line debugger are:

  1. Generate trace data files.
  2. Use --cdb-list to list the platforms and parameters available in the configuration database.
  3. Use --cdb-entry to specify a platform entry in the configuration database.
  4. If you need to specify additional parameters, use the --cdb-entry-param option to specify the parameters.


    At the DS-5™ command prompt, enter debugger --help to view the list of available options.