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Configuration Database panel

Use the Configuration Database panel to manage the configuration database settings.

Default Configuration Databases

Displays the default DS-5 configuration databases.


ARM recommends that you do not disable these.
User Configuration Databases

Enables you to add your own configuration database.


Opens a dialog box in which you can select a configuration database to add.


Opens a dialog box in which you can modify the name and location of the selected configuration database.


Removes the selected configuration database.


Moves the selected configuration database up the list.


Moves the selected configuration database down the list.


Databases process from top to bottom with information in the lower databases replacing information in higher databases. For example, if you produced a modified core definition with different registers, you would add it to the database at the bottom of the list so that the database uses it instead of the core definitions in the shipped database.

Rebuild database

Rebuilds the configuration database.

Test platforms...
Enables you to select which platforms to test, then tests them, and reports any errors found.
Restore Defaults

Removes all the configuration databases from the field text that do not belong to the DS-5 default system.


Saves the current configuration database settings.

Figure 10-52 Configuration Database panel

Configuration Database panel