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Creating a CMM-style script

Shows a typical example of a CMM-style script.

The script file must contain only one command on each line. Each command can be identified with comments if required. The .cmm or .t32 file extension must be used to identify this type of script.

// Filename: myScript.cmm
system.up                     ; Connect to target and device
data.load.elf "hello.axf"     ; Load image and symbols
// Setup breakpoints and registers
break.set main /disable       ; Set breakpoint and immediately disabled
break.set 0x8048              ; Set breakpoint at specified address
break.set 0x8060              ; Set breakpoint at specified address
register.set R0 15            ; Set register R0
register.set PC main          ; Set PC register to symbol address
break.enable main             ; Enable breakpoint at specified symbol
// Run to breakpoint and display required values
go                            ; Start running device
var.print "Value is: " myVar  ; Display string and variable value
print %h r(R0)                ; Display register R0 in hexadecimal
// Run to breakpoint and print stack
go                            ; Run to next breakpoint
var.frame /locals /caller     ; Display all variables and function callers
// Shutdown commands
break.delete main             ; Delete breakpoint at address of main()
break.delete 0x8048           ; Delete breakpoint at address
break.delete 0x8060           ; Delete breakpoint at specified address
system.down                   ; Disconnect from target