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Usecase Help command

The usecase help command is available to print help on how to use the usecase scripts and information about the options available.

The syntax for running usecase help is:

usecase help [flag] script_name [entry_point]


to run a script for the current platform.
to run a script in the /Scripts/usecase/ directory in the configuration database.
is the name of the entry point or main method defined in the usecase. If a usecase script defines more than one entry point then you must specify the entry_point parameter.
is the name of the usecase script.

Running usecase help on a valid script prints:

  • Text defined in a $Help$ block in the usecase script.
  • A set of built-in options that are defined in every usecase script.
  • A list of information about the options defined in this usecase.

For each option the help text lists:

  • The display name of the option.
  • The unique option name for getting or setting options.
  • The type of option, which is integer, string, boolean, or enumeration.
  • The default value of the option.

For enumeration options, a list of the enumerated values are listed. For integer options, the maximum and minimum values are displayed, if they have been specified.