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Manage Signals dialog box

Use the Manage Signals dialog box to control the handler (vector catch) settings for one or more signals or processor exceptions.

To view the Manage Signals dialog box:

  1. Select Manage Signals from the Breakpoints toolbar or the view menu.
  2. Select the individual Signal you want to Stop or Print information, and click OK.

View the results in the Command view.


HandYou can also use the info signals command to display the current signal handler settings.

When a signal or processor exception occurs you can choose to stop execution, print a message, or both. Stop and Print are selected for all signals by default.


When connected to an application running on a remote target using gdbserver, the debugger handles Unix signals, but on bare-metal targets with no operating system it handles processor exceptions.

Figure 11-45 Manage Signals dialog box

Manage Signals dialog box