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Additional DTSL documentation and files

Additional DTSL documents and files are provided in <DS-5 Install folder>\sw\DTSL.

The following documents are useful for understanding DTSL. Make sure you have access to them.

DTSL object level documentation

DTSL is mainly written in Java, so the documentation takes the form of Javadoc files. The DTSL Javadoc is provided both as a PDF (DTSLJavaDocs.pdf) and as HTML files (inside You can view the HTML files directly in a browser, or use them from within the Eclipse environment.

Certain classes in the DTSL Javadocs are marked as Deprecated. These classes must not be used in new DTSL code. They are only provided in the documentation in case you encounter them when inspecting older DTSL code.

RDDI API documentation

DTSL is designed to use RDDI-DEBUG as its native target connection API. Some of the RDDI-DEBUG API is therefore referred to from within DTSL. For completeness, the RDDI documentation is included with the DTSL documentation.

The RDDI documentation is provided in HTML format in <DS-5 Install folder>\sw\debugger\RDDI\docs\html. To access the documentation, open index.html.

Also, make sure you have access to This contains example DTSL code, in addition to the DS-5 configdb entries discussed in this document. This document assumes that you have added the examples to your Eclipse installation by importing the Eclipse projects contained in this file.

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