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DS-5 configuration database

All use cases of DTSL potentially require the use of the DS-5 configuration database (configdb). ARM® therefore recommends that you have a basic understanding of the configuration database.

DS-5 Debugger uses a configuration database, called configdb, to store information on how to connect to platforms. This information is split across several top-level locations in the database, each of which can contain the following:

Board information
Manufacturer, name, list of SoCs, list of Flash, DTSL initialization Jython scripts.
SoC information
Core information. For example, a SoC may contain + Cortex-M3.
Core information
Register sets for the core, and other information such as TrustZone® support.
Flash information
Information on flash types and programming algorithms.
Common scripts (Jython)
Jython scripts which might be of use to several database entries.

This information is mainly stored as XML files, located in sub-directories of the top-level locations.

The configuration database is located at <DS-5 install folder>\sw\debugger\configdb.

DS-5 allows you to configure one or more extension configdb locations, which are typically used to add more board definitions or flash support to DS-5.

This section contains the following subsections: