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DTSL options

On many platforms, the debug components allow configuration of their properties. For example, in some CoreSight PTM components, the generation of timestamps within the trace data stream can be turned on or off. Such options are typically accessed and changed by using the DTSL objects that were created as part of the DTSL configuration. For example, the DTSL PTMTraceSource object has a setTimestampingEnabled() method to control timestamping. In this way, the DTSL objects that a DTSL configuration holds can expose a set of configuration options that you might want to modify. You might also want to create an initial option set to be applied at platform connection time, and then change some of those options after connecting, during a debug session. For example, this allows the PTM timestamp option to have a user setting applied at connection time, while also allowing you to turn the timestamps on and off during a debug session.

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