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Extending the DTSL object model

For most platform configurations, the DTSL configuration class creates standard Java DTSL components, such as CoreSight devices or ARM® cores, represented as Device objects. Sometimes, the behavior of these standard components needs to be changed, or new DTSL components need to be created.

DS-5 Debugger uses the Java components that the DTSL configuration script creates. Since there is a high level of integration between Java and Jython, the DTSL configuration can create new Jython objects which extend the standard Java DTSL objects. And DS-5 Debugger can also use these Jython objects to access the target platform. This is because of the very tight integration between Java and Jython. This way of modifying behavior is straightforward if you are familiar with object oriented techniques, especially in Java. The only new technique might be the way in which a Java object can by modified by extending it in Jython. This is possible because Jython code is compiled down to Java byte code, so the system does not know whether the code was written in Java or Jython.

This section contains the following subsections:

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