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About debugging a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)

UEFI defines a software interface to control the start-up of complex microprocessor systems. UEFI on ARM® allows you to control the booting of ARM-based servers and client computing devices.

DS-5 provides a complete UEFI development environment which enables you to:

  • Fetch the UEFI source code via the Eclipse Git plug-in.
  • Build the source code using ARM Compiler.
  • Download the executables to a software model (a Cortex-A9x4 FVP is provided with DS-5) or to a hardware target (available separately).
  • Run/debug the code using DS-5 Debugger.
  • Debug dynamically loaded modules at source-level using Jython scripts.

For more information, see this blog: UEFI Debug Made Easy