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Support for importing and translating CMM scripts

You can use the import and translate CMM script feature in DS-5 to reuse existing CMM scripts for your platform. After the translation is complete, the CMM script is converted into a Jython script which you can then run in DS-5.

During the CMM file import process in DS-5:

  • Translates and maps the CMM commands to their equivalent Jython commands or calls to the DS-5 Debugger API.

    If a CMM command translation is not supported, it is marked up as a stub function in the resultant Jython script. Using the information contained in the stub function, you can implement your own functionality for unsupported CMM commands.

    See  Supported CMM commands for translations for the list of commands that are currently translated.

  • Translates flow control statements in CMM such as IF, ELSE IF, ELSE, WHILE, and RePeaT to their Jython equivalents.

  • Also imports and process complex nested commands and functions, CMM variables, and variable assignments. CMM subroutines that are specified with labels, ENTRY commands for subroutine parameters, and RETURN statements to return values from subroutines are converted directly to valid Jython subroutine syntax.

Logging and error handling

For every translated CMM script, the translation process also creates a log file and places it in the same folder as the translated script file. The log contains a summary, the detailed breakdown of the translated elements, and details of any errors, if any.

To view the log, right-click on the imported CMM script and select Show log for the translation of <YourFilename.cmm>.